The Secret History Of Valentine’s Day

The Secret History Of Valentine’s Day

he Secret History Of Valentine’s Day

There is much information about the origin of Valentine’s Day and it is associated with the name Saint Valentine. But in fact, up to three people named Valentine or Valentinus were canonized to this day. Many people are still debating who is the “father” of the holiday that millions of lovers around the world have to anxiously wait for.

Although there is no consensus on the history of Valentine’s Day, these saints all died for true love, noble love, and justice.

The first story is one of the most accepted legends about the origin of Valentine’s Day. It is a story concerning a Roman cleric who lived under Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century AD.

During this period, Emperor Claudius issued an extremely harsh order to ban all young men in the empire from marrying because he believed that unmarried soldiers were better able to fight. But a brave missionary named Valentine took the place of a secret marriage ceremony for the lovers. But the act was discovered, and Mr. Valentine was jailed. Emperor Claudius ordered Valentine beheaded on February 14, 273.

( Emperor Claudius II)

The second story is about a priest named Valentine, who lived during the reign of Roman Emperor Decius. In AD 250, Emperor Decius issued an edict punishing all those who did not worship the Emperor and this edict was aimed at Christians who worshiped only God. As a result, many Christians were arrested and executed, including the priest Valentine (arrested in 268).

While locked in prison, priest Valentine healed the daughter of the jailer, Asterius, and tamed him.

Appreciated by Father Valentine’s heart, Asterius and his entire family of 46 baptized Christians.

Upon hearing the news, Emperor Decius, fearing that this would threaten the kingdom, ordered the beheading of priest Valentine on February 14, 270. Since then, the name Valentine has become a symbol of great love.

(  St. Valentine)

Another legend holds that, in the 2nd century AD, a physician was beheaded for believing in Jesus. While in prison, awaiting execution, the doctor cured the jailer’s blind daughter. The girl finds the light and between them arises love.

On February 14, the doctor was taken to be executed. Before he died, he sent her a love letter signed “My Valentine”. This story later became a legend and around the world, people consider this day to be a festival of lovers.

Until now, couples still have the tradition of signing their names with the old phrase “From your Valentine” instead of their names in Valentine cards.

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