Activities For Mother’s Day That All Family Members Can Join In

Sing Karaoke

You don’t need to go to a karaoke bar to enjoy singing along to your mom’s favorite tunes! Just pull out an at-home kit, or pull up YouTube and follow along.

Reading Together

You can take this activity two ways: If you’re feeling extra creative, write a story about your mom and growing up with her and read it together. If not, spend the afternoon reading your favorite book together.

Go on a Bike Ride

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May is the perfect bike riding weather—not too hot, not too cool. This is the perfect activity to do whether you’re in a city or the country. Plus, you can pack lunch and have a picnic at your destination.

Visit a Local Farm

Many farms offer farm tours throughout the week. Drive out of the city (or town) and visit a local farm, where you can get fresh groceries after your stroll!

Take an Art Class

Ceramics, painting, crafts, or watercolors—the possibilities are endless! Get your hands dirty together and possibly go home with a beautiful new piece to hang in your home.

Head to the Theater

You don’t need to live in New York City to see some great theater. Snag some tickets to a play in your area, and enjoy being transported to another world. You can even put on a play with your siblings if you want to test your own acting chops!

Buy Mom Tickets to the Big Game

Mother’s Day is smack in the middle of baseball season! Bring mom to a game and watch her root for her fave team. Since you bought the tickets, concessions are on dad

Plan a Tasty Dinner

Mother’s day might be the one day a year your mom doesn’t have to worry about cooking. Cook a beautiful meal for her full of love and care, like Ree Drummond’s tasty chipotle caesar salad with grilled salmon

Go to the Beach

It might not be bathing suit season yet, but before the weather really starts to heat up and the crowds take over, spend the afternoon on the beach. Bring a book and enjoy the fresh air.

Visit a Museum

Whether her favorite is the natural history museum or the museum of modern art, take mom on a gallery tour. Or, take her to a museum she’s never been to before. You’ll have plenty to chat about over dinner!

Book her Favorite Restaurant

Mom will love snagging a cute table at her favorite local spot. Make a reservation for the whole family or grab a table for two for some extra quality time, just you and mom

Play Games Outside 

You don’t have to travel far to have fun on Mother’s Day. Spend the afternoon in the backyard with a variety of lawn games—cornhole, horseshoes, or capture the flag. Set up a station with prizes for the winner and snacks and refreshments for your whole family.

Go Shopping

Whether you head to her favorite store or go antiquing at a local flea market, spend the day on a shopping spree just for mom. From jewelry to clothes to home décor, she’ll love your help picking out something special


Have a Pizza Party

Get hands-on with a DIY pizza party. Set out small bowls with a variety of shredded cheeses, sauces, and all your mom’s favorite toppings—from pepperoni to pesto to roasted veggies.

Enjoy an At-Home Spa Day

Moms are the ultimate superheroes. They do so much for us every single day, but they deserve some time off to just relax. Treat mom to a special day of pampering (even if you can’t get to the spa). Make a DIY facemask and set up a station for mani-pedis.

Make Breakfast in Bed

This is a classic tradition in the Drummond household. When the kids were younger, Ree says breakfast-in-bed “required me getting back in bed after being up for a couple of hours.” But the sweet gesture is totally worth it. Get your spouse to help the kids put together a tray with croissants, scrambled eggs, and cereal.

Go for a Walk

Enjoy the early days of warm, fresh spring air by going for a leisurely stroll with mom. Grab a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water , and keep your eyes peeled for all the beautiful blooming flowers. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Go for a Wine Tasting

If your mom is more of a wine enthusiast, she’ll love spending the day at a local winery. Get a taste for some new wines, then grab her favorite bottle to take home. Or, try a virtual wine tasting right at home with an online wine class.

Visit a Botanical Garden

May flowers will be in full bloom, so there’s no better time for taking a trip to a sun-filled garden. Some botanical gardens will have limited capacity or special guidelines so just be sure to check the website for your local garden before visiting. Or, color your own florals if you’re stuck at home.

Go for a treat

You don’t have to go very far to make mom feel special. However, a weekend getaway at a cute bed and breakfast or a road trip to a new location that she’s always wanted to visit is the perfect way to get extra time with mom.

Volunteer Together

There are so many ways to lend a helping hand with your mom or mom friends. Look for women’s organizations that need support, donate to a local food pantry, or send a nice letter to seniors in nursing homes.

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