10 Mother’s Day DIY Crafts For A Special Gift

Twisted paper cards

Normally, you will go to the souvenir shop to choose a great gift, a card to give to their grandmother, mother or girlfriend. But, why don’t you try to make your own gifts for the woman you love. Sometimes just a small card, but made by our own hands, is sweet enough for grandmothers, mothers and girlfriends… when they receive them, they will be very touched. It will surely be a surprise gift for May 8. 

Crepe Paper Flowers

Instead of choosing fresh flowers that fade quickly and are extremely expensive during the holidays. Then you can make these beautiful and simple paper flower bouquets yourself. It will be a very meaningful gift for your mother on this wonderful holiday. With just simple, easy-to-find ingredients, you can make beautiful flowers for your beloved woman by hand.

Cake making

On mother’s day, you have an extra way to score absolute points with your mother by going to the kitchen to make cakes. Surely it will surprise your mom.

Embroidered pillow

Hand-made gifts are simple but always have a certain value in the soul of the person being given. With just a little ingenuity and creativity, you have a meaningful 8-3 gift. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s unique and you’re not afraid to touch it.

Wind chimes

When giving someone a wind chime means that you wish the recipient peace, luck and many advantages in love as well as in life.

Pom Pom Keychains

It’s so easy to make. You just need some wool line, then go with the flow!

Wall picture frames

You can create your own photo frames from a variety of materials such as cardboard, ice cream sticks, clay, … or you can buy photo frames and use flowers and colors that your mother likes to decorate. and then print nested family photos.


What’s better than when you synthesize photos and meticulously complete a photo album containing your feelings to give as a gift for your mom.If you make your own handmade photo album, you will feel that your album is more unique

Handmade flower pots

To decorate their home, many people create their own way of making simple handmade items. In particular, how to make handmade flower pots is also quite easy. Beautiful handmade vintage flower pots will be a great idea as a gift for women who love vintage style and like to grow plants as decorations.

Wool scarf

Giving a wool scarf means that you are always there when it’s cold, warm your mom and protect her from the very cold weather, you’re a reason why she feels warm.  You can learn how to make a wool scarf on the Internet, then give it to your mom. 

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