6 Ways To Celebrate Pride Month – LGBTQ+

Join a pride parade.

 Pride parades are perhaps one of the most recognisable events of pride month because it brings together everyone in the community. Get to know events happening near you via local groups on social media and participate with family, your partner or friends.

Support organizations that advocate for LGBT rights. 

This can include donating to local charities, purchasing from fundraisers or simply choosing to shop at businesses that have published their support during pride month.

Visit a LGBT bar/club. 

If you are old enough to enter, you may find that many LGBT-inclusive bars/clubs typically host their own events during pride month. Gay bars are also an excellent place to network and meet other people in the community.

Host your own party. 

Invite all your supportive friends and family members to your rainbow-themed event as a way to celebrate diversity amongst everyone.

Actively support people that are struggling with their identity.

 You may have experienced or are experiencing what they have right now, and your support could have a very large impact on others. Reach out to them on online support forums or volunteer on helplines.

Create your own LGBT-themed art. 

Demonstrate your pride through paintings, sewing rainbow-coloured items or music.


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