Welcome summer with some fun activities! This is a series of some activities that can be done on the very last day of school or spread out to be the last week of school activities. We promise your kids won’t mind if the fun lasts longer than one day!

  1. Chalk Paint
    You better believe that the adults will be keen on getting in on this chalk fun as well! It’s super easy to make, and the use of a muffin tin to hold the paint is amazing.
    Be sure to use a lot of the paint on the brush for the best color. We’ll absolutely be doing this again, it’s inexpensive, easy peasy, and creative-my kind of fun.

   2. Last Day of School Shirt

Cutest idea ever! Let your child wear a t-shirt that can be used to collect autographs from their school friends. {You will need a few supplies like heat transfer vinyl or beautiful designs, but it looks super easy to put together!}

3. Summer Activity Board

As soon as the little ones get home from their last day of school activities, please sit down with them and make your very own summer activity board together.

4. Last Day of School Books

I am into reading children’s books with my son, and having holiday books just adds to the fun! {I own this book and it is SUPER cute!}

5. Reading Bucket List

 Reading need not bore your kids for another moment! Check out this amazing reading bucket list! It’s perfect to start this as one of your last day of school activities so that it is an expectation throughout the summer — no “summer slide” here!

6. Outdoor Movie

 Set up an outdoor movie to celebrate the end of the school year. This CREATIVE idea was set up for a birthday party, but it’s an easy switch to make it the last day of school activity.

7. Last Day of School Breakfast

This is such a bright, fun breakfast! The most important meal of the day just became a favorite last day of school activity.

8. Art Gallery

Display your child’s top works of art from the school year! Store it away throughout the year, then create their very own gallery walls to surprise them when they get home.

9. Summer Games Party

Game time!! Come along and see all of the fun ahead with this amazing list of summertime games!

10. Water Activities

Be prepared to get wet with this exciting welcome home surprise and a list of last day of school activities!

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