18 Best Back to School Organization Hacks

I say this every year, but it hard to believe that back to school season is almost here. I’m putting together some organization hacks and ideas to help make this back to school season a little easier. 

I always find back to school to be exciting and yet overwhelming. There are so many things that we, as moms, have to take care of this time of year. I want to get a little more organized and feel less overwhelmed this year.

Between implementing the systems in this class and using the Mom To Do List, I know it’s going to go better this year. I also know there is always room to learn more or try something new to see if it helps, saves me money, or saves me time. So, I thought I’d share these ideas with you as well so we can both try some new organization hacks this back to school season.

Back to School Organization Hacks

I’m putting the ideas in order from the things we do before school starts to the things we need once we get into the actual school year. 

collage picture of organization hacks for moms

Start yourself off by learning these systems to add to your house. They’ll help you ‘get it all done’ as a mom, which is super helpful during back to school season. 

school supplies

Get your back to school shopping organized. It’ll help you save money and come home with everything you need. 

school supplies organized in over door shoe holder

Once you buy all the supplies, use this ingenious idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons to keep the extras organized, easy to access, and out of the way.

pile of kids clothes

Back to school usually means some back to school clothes shopping. Get that organized and save money with this organization hack. 

printable chore charts

I always think a new school year is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate the responsibilities my kids have. Use these free printable charts to keep you and the kids on the same page. 

kids responsibility chart with tickets and family dollars

While you’re updating their charts, you can add some family dollars and tickets to your routine. They’ll help you give the kids jobs you can pay them for and help you regulate how much electronic time your kids have each day. Genius and so simple!


While you’re looking at your routines and family responsibilities, it’s a good time to look at your morning routine. Our Home Made Easy has great ideas on how to build your morning routine for success

laminated backpack checklist organization hacks

These backpack checklists from JDaniel4’s Mom can help set your kids up for success. They’ll help them be more independent in getting out of the door with everything they need. 

desk with metals drawers and hanging buckets for homework station

While you’re looking at the kids’ routines, make sure you have them set up for success with a space to do homework. You could tweak this DIY desk from Your Modern Family to fit your home decor. 

IKEA cart filled with homework supplies

If you don’t have space for a full homework desk, you could have a homework cart like this one from Over the Big Moon. It’ll take up less space and still hold everything the kids need. 

snacks in a glass jar and baking tray

While they’re completing homework, they most likely will need a snack of some sort. Make it easy for them to grab their own snacks with this snack station

You can also make a lunch station like this one from One Crazy House so they can take care of making their own lunches as well.

picture of binder with wording school and activities paperwork

Once the kids are in school, there is all the inevitable paperwork. Blech! The Homes I Have Made has some great tips and ideas on how to keep that organized.

daily planner open showing calendar organization hacks
diy command center with calendar, meal plan, kids charts and notes

There’ll be lots to add to the family calendar during back to school and the school year, so make sure you have your calendar organized and ready to go with these tips. 

command center helps to keep everything together, accessible, and organized for the whole family. 

calendar idea using post it notes

Or you can try this type of command center and calendar organization from Tatertots & Jello. 

Once you’ve got yourself ready, have a little fun together as a family celebrating back to school with these fun ideas from One Crazy House

Finally, capture your child’s current likes and favs with this simple idea from Thirty Handmade Days.

So many great organization hacks for back to school!

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